I am not a fan of this expression but it is the only one that sums up the last few days.. OH MY GOD! OMG with a capital OMG. It is all good , life is amazing. It’s funny how something someone says or something you read can change your perspective on everything. Prof Brain Cox and Erkart Tolle have combined forces in my head and brought me crash landing into the present like never before. I won’t go into much detail now as I think this should be a separate long winded but worth the read post sometime soon. In fact not a blog but a section on the overthinking mind page. I also heard some sad news from my best friend about his partner’s health. It kind of went in hand in hand with the overall feeling of being in the now. It put things so much more in perspective in a good yet unfortunate way. I digress , watch this space.. but I assure you it will be a fascinating read.

Meanwhile, just a heads up on a book by Erkart Tolle called ‘ The Power of Now’. It is a book that I recommend everyone flick through then read from cover to cover. Did me the world of good.

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