OMG OMG OMG What are the chances?

I have had to use the OMG thing again. .here’s why.

The post I did 20 minutes ago about the power of now and being the the present blah blah blah. Well, something happened between then and now that I can only describe as GOB SMACKING OMG.

To be brief, as again I will elaborate on this soon.. in depth. What seems like a million years ago when my mind decided to ‘do one’ on me, I went through an amazing shitty time. I am writing a book on this so won’t bore you with the nitty gritty right now. Anyway , not one for taking tablets to make me feel better I went down the mindfulness route. Never heard of if but thought it was worth a try. A 6 week course of 2 hour sessions run by the NHS Wales in a community center in Whitchurch , Cardiff A part of this course we were introduced to audio body scan meditation. We were given a link to a chaps audio uploads and told to try it at home. His name is Jim White and works in a mindfulness therapy wing of the NHS Scotland. Through his audio stuff I got into other people doing the same. Jon Kabbat Zin being the name one. Awesome stuff. Through Jim I was inspired to learn more and went on several university part-time courses in teaching mindfulness, Acceptance and commitment therapy and counselling. So he is kind of a part of where got me to where I am now. You won’t believe what’s coming next.. read on.

Well, another thing I dabble in from time to time is voice over work on a freelance service website called Fiverr. I offer various Welsh accents for a wide range of businesses. I have had 14 jobs from it in 5 years and have made £104 ( rolls eyes). So, just after I had finished typing up the first blog post today; not thinking I would be adding another; this happens.

I had a message on Fiverr from someone who wanted a voice over to read a nice letter from a mental health patient to his former school teacher, thanking her for being there for him when he was a kid. The person who has ordered the voice over job from me is…yep.. you got it. Jim White.

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