1st June 2021 The Sun and Warmth Arrive. Everyone Welcomes in The Summer. 2nd June. The Rain is Lashing down and The Wind is Whipping it Up.

Now that is a long header if I ever saw one. Someone is having a laugh surely. The weather has taken over from the daily pandemic chit chat. I want to travel to warmer climates but can’t. It’s like Covid knows it is defeated in the UK but is friends with Thor who is only to happy to throw a spanner ( hammer ) in the works of our happiness. Talking of the H word. Mine has been up and down in the last few days. I would like to say it is the weather so I am. It has the great ability to fiddle with our mood swing. I have found myself over thinking a lot but have been aware that I am so that is a positive. Not being aware and living your life in your mind is much worse. Mindfulness and meditation certainly increases your ability to see straight. Stopping dead in your tracks while you’re walking and taking a look around and taking some deep breaths works wonders . Not recommended on a zebra crossing though.

I though I lost all my hard work on this site last night. I played around with the settings on my Captcha thingy; you know, the annoying pop up that tells you to click on 2000 photos of traffic lights. Well. i had locked myself out of this site and spent 3 hours trying to sort it. Posted on a forum. offered freelance web folk to help but to no avail. last ditch attempt last night at 10.30 I called Ionos, the people who host my site. It was a wordpress issue and not theres, but they helped anyway. I am very grateful and may ask them id I can be an affiliate ( big them up on my site in return for some pocket money haha).

Anyway, as happy as I can be with soaked feet, it’s nice to be moderately warm in the uni library and chatting to you ( probably just myself ;for the time being I hope)

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