Good shit Vs bad shit

Yes, it’s been a while. I’m still alive and filling up my days trying to do nothing until something crops up and crops up it does, far too often for my liking. A good friend of mine has a do-nothing day but she keeps herself busy with something. Sitting in the middle of a forest for eight hours without my phone is my idea of nothing, perhaps an hour off for lunch and maybe a dance?

I promised myself to get back into writing a daily journal. The diary has made it from my bedside to the top of the stairs, then the bottom one and three days ago its on my sofa ready to write in every day. That journey took two weeks and last night I decided to write it in bed so its back on the bottom stair to remind me to take it upstairs when I’m passing.

I spent 2 hours in the rain by the side of Roath Park Lake in Cardiff waiting for the RSPCA to turn up. A duck had been hit by a f@?£$£”” boy racer in his Fiat uno that sounded like a formula one racing car. Silly duck or boy for being on the road? Duck crawls with wings back into lake. Rolling over inn the water. I borrow someone’s umbrella and scoop it out and leave it on side. Bird man from RSPCA calls me an hour later to say he found him. I did wonder if they would fix him or put it down. Had it been the latter I wondered if they would have dropped it to my house. I was making soup that evening and it could have done with some meat. (Just joking all you vegans…or am I?)

I have been on a few writing master classes run by us at Cardiff Writers Circle. As you can see, I didn’t listen to anything they said and only went for the coffee and biscuits.

I am now working on three books and a possible fourth, two in collaboration with other writers.

This is the place to be when the shit hits the fan.

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