Wasting Time Unwisely.

white and blue steam iron

Wasting Time Wisely. Or not

When a weekend goes by, and you have nothing to show for it is a big fat ‘Nil Poi’.to me.

The libraries were closed, and I didn’t have anywhere to write. The highlight was on Sunday when I bought a bag of eight packs of ‘Jacobs cheeselets’ from Poundland. I sat on a park bench and ate them all with half an hour. They are the most delicious snack ever. How do they cram so much flavour into them? Genius. I feel like shit after having pumped so much rubbish in my body though. It helped that I had a triple cheeseburger an hour before because I put it down to just ‘one of those days. I am such a healthy eater normally. I topped the day off with an evening full of corned beef, cheese and tomato toasties. My newly acquired machine that makes them has become the new feature of my kitchen work top.

I have decided to cart my laptop around with in in future. That way, whenever I have the urge to pig out, I can write it off (there’s a joke in that sentence somewhere, I just can’t see it at the moment).

I started a new story on Friday called baked beans. I’m going to crack on with that now and post it when its done. It started off as a funny one, but it’s become a bit…well…sobby.

I’m going to look for a photo to go with this post and leave you to it. Oh wait! I knew there was something else.

Toasted sandwiches. Toasties made with a machine. I now know why they are so nice. Nearly as nice as Jacobs Cheeslets. Take for example the filling I have already described. Imagine that in a regular sandwich. Doesn’t come close. The reason why toasties work is because of the steam produced while they are cooking. They are so hot that you have no choice but to eat them slowly. Blow nibble, blow nibble, watch out for that bubbling cheese! You savor them more and they get tastier the cooler they get but God forbid don’t wait for them to cool down first. Sacre Bleu! That’s why let’s say, crab from the shell tastes better because you have to take your time getting at the succulent white meat from within by using a special fork. Having a bowl of crab meat would not taste so good. A bag of hot chips on the beach tastes better than on a plate at home. In your face Einstein, I have it all worked out.

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