Exposing Myself to The People of Cardiff.

Yes folk, you have heard it here first. I am going to bare everything to get the attention of the people of Cardiff. It seems I missed a trick in getting you handful of humans out there to follow me. I was thinking world domination first. It didn’t occur to me that I should start off locally, after all, I am Cardiff story weaver not Global story weaver…yet!

You probably know that I have stumbled at the final few meters of this marathon of a website. It’s been down to my arch-rival SEO. If you don’t know what SEO is, be thankful. Today I am going to give it a cuddle and let it more into my life. I need to be putting more keywords into these posts) wait, I’m sure I have told you all this before). Anyway. I am going to expose myself more on social media and local events around Cardiff. All things DIFF is where my heart is and where the seeds of this soon to be ‘viral virus’ site of mine.

A very kind person from business Wales called me today and gave me some gold dust help into developing this platform I use to bore the crap out of people. Its nice to have someone help me over the last hurdles of this race, which quite honestly wont ever be finished, which is a good thing. A breath of fresh sea air has been blown into my sails. Hopefully, you nine people who follow me at the moment will have others you can slag off my work with. You’re welcome! I am going to keep this post short because I have got a lot of following and exposing to do. It was called stalking and flashing not long ago. How times changed.

This post is not dedicated to Halfords who wasted my valuable time today but to my father Sandy Alexander Alan McNaughton who left this world four years ago today to travel around the universe.

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