Friday 13th and Seagull Poo

white and gray gull on white surface under white cloudy sky at daytime

I used to be superstitious but not anymore (touch wood). Its 3pm and so far, a seagull shat on my car. That’s lucky right? Yesterday I finished an 1899-word story about baked beans. I am just through the first edit. I will chip away at it until its one sentence. It was supposed to be funny but now it’s a bit sad with a twist. Well, perhaps it’s not a twist. If there is a name for it, let me know. Both of you.

The weather is poo too here. Gloomy, overcast and grey skies. I know those words kind of mean the same thing, but I wanted to emphasise how annoyed I am with the Thor or whatever god dishes out the weather. I know it’s not Thor but if he reads this, he can pass the message on to the relevant department. This is a short post as I am due to have a meeting about SEO. You should by now know what I’m faffing on about. Should I not be struck down my lightning (is that Thor)? then I may add to this later and tell you how the day transpired and how I got the bird crap off my car.

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