Infected and Rejected.

The title of this post has nothing to do with the fine young men in the photo I may add. Read on…

Rejected and infected.

Sounds like a bummer of a week right! Well, you’re wrong, well apart from the infection. Apart from that it’s been great, well, apart from the rejection. Yeah, in fact, it’s been shit! Nah, no it hasn’t. Surprisingly I’m ok with getting emails saying you should give up writing and become a lorry driver. (Bit of topical satire there) The UK, as I type has got loads of fuel but no one to deliver it to petrol stations. Every tosser in the country is panic buying. Why? Because a politician said ‘don’t panic buy’ what do we do…apart from me of course. We drain the pumps.

Anyway, where was I? Yes, the stories I have been sending to magazines are being rejected ‘We like your work, but it is not right for our publication. We are sure there is a home for it somewhere’. Of about 25 submissions, I have had several like this. It surprisingly hasn’t bothered me. It’s made me realise I should research the magazines I’m sending stuff off to a bit more. Sci fi and dystopian people don’t like my sense of humour. Just kidding, but I really should look at what they have already published first, then write accordingly, not just send work I have already written to a publication that may kinda like it.

Infected, somewhere somehow bugs are biting my ankles and shins. It’s been a month now. Its not at home so I have narrowed it down to here…the library or when I meditate in the nearby woods. I must add that I haven’t worn trousers since April. I don’t go around in the nude; I just wear shorts. I will get to the bottom of this. It could be the woods although I have meditated a couple of times looking at my legs and don’t see any midges hacking away at my skin. I will keep you informed. Would you like pictures of my scabs?

The weekend was great. Charles street market was a success again and the amazing band Laurie Wright played a set. They were the ones I bumped into in Queen Street a couple of weeks ago

Riverside market was smiley and bouncy as ever. Love the chatter of all the stall holders. Lloyd had a famous opera singer in the way of the Welsh boom box man himself Mr Bryn Terfel visit and buy organic tomatoes from Pontcanna fruit and veg. Afternoon found me down the bay again. Its my new go to chill out place. Like you care.

I will leave it at that, I wouldn’t want anyone to die of boredom.

Oh, watched Narnia 2 last night. What an amazing film.

The end

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