Picnic Down Cardiff Bay With Nile Rodgers.

sliced bread with sliced fruits on white ceramic plate

Firstly, the photo is of a picnic I didn’t have. It does look yummy though. I forgot to take a picture of what I really had, which was discounted egg mayo sandwiches, a tray of fish sushi and a bowl of fete cheese and Couscous salad from Boots in the Queen Street. All 50p each. That with a six pack of pickled onion flavour space raiders from Poundland, I was set for a feast.

The sun followed me down to Cardiff Bay where I was going to sit on the man-made beach and listen to Nile Rodgers and Chic, Soul ll Soul and many more. I got down to the Penarth end of the barrage where the concert was going to be but was turned away. I was told I had to get in at the other end. Half an hour later a get there. Big sign saying barrage closed. Only access to people with tickets. I just presumed the gig would be somewhere in the bay and I could laze around chomping on my picnic and enjoy the music. I couldn’t possibly stand and watch them bang out their tunes in a crowd full of the’ worse for a few beers’ over 50-year-olds. They would knock the food out of my hands while they boogied and got on down with the vibes man.

The stage was in the middle of the barrage. I could hear the faint bang of drums in the background which was constantly drowned out by the seagulls. I sat on a bench, stuffed myself and went home via Roath Park. I have gone off Nile Rodgers, I feel he did that on purpose to wind me up. Well, he didn’t succeed. He had to play his guitar till late at night and go to his hotel tired. I bet he didn’t have access to discounted sandwiches either. I was on my sofa at nine with a belly full of sushi and crips. Win win for me Mr Rodgers.

I will jump back in time to Saturday. Cardiff Charles Street Market https://www.instagram.com/charlesstreetmarket/?hl=en was a great success again with Noodle lady from Roath Market serving up her delicious Asian food. Just got to love her pork spring rolls. Music from many including Faith Parry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Avn_jsZWSQand Thoby Davies http://thobydavis.com/. Great stuff, I hope they come back soon. I will do a post on each individual stall holder soon. Meanwhile, here are two clips from Thoby and Faith.


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