James Bond New Movie, Tinned Fish, New York Cops Come to Cardiff and I’m Filming in a Prison Next Week For a TV Production Called The Offenders.

This is not a spoiler alert!

Relax, yes, I went to see the new James Bond film last night. The first day of general release in the UK and yes, it was amazing, I might even go again. I frequent the cinema at least once every 2 years. After last night I aim to go more. The ending of the film. ‘No Time to Die’ is brilliant when he…….and they……….and she……….and stuff. The bit when you think………but in actual fact………Amazing, I thoroughly recommend it.

Tinned fish.

I have already said somewhere in my ‘about me About Me that I eat tinned fish every day, sardines in tomato sauce to be exact. I found myself in a large supermarket on Tuesday on route to Cardiff Bay. Unlike me not to be here in the library during the week. It was such a nice day, sunny and warm and the forecast crap for the foreseeable future that I took a day off writing. Sacre bleu I hear you say. I thought also I would pig out a bit and have a little picnic. So, I bought a tin of Scotch broth soup, a large bag of spicey cheese crips and a can on pilchards, out of my comfort zone of sardines, I was in a fearless mood. So, there’s me sitting at the end of a quay eating cold soup and fish and giving it texture with the crisps, top gourmet grub. I am so classy.

The American cops.

On my way back home, I travelled through the infamous Bute Street. A long road that leads from the bay to the city centre. I had seen online that there was filming going on so decided to have a nose. Lots of American police cars, S.W.A.T vans and ambulances were lined up along the pavement. The street was being sprayed with fake slushy snow. It was very surreal. All I know, as I have mentioned before, that the film is staring the actor, Tom Hardy. Its great seeing Cardiff being used more and more for big movies. We are a cheap nation and offer our buildings, roads, and film extras at knock down prices. Nah, it’s because we got it all going on, that’s why. The Americans know talent when they see it.

Talking of talent, your truly is off to Shepton Mallet prison (no longer functional) next week to be an extra in a new TV series called The Offenders.https://www.bbc.com/mediacentre/2021/the-offenders-first-look/ Steve Merchant and a few other top notchers are in it. Mr Merchant is directing it as well. I’m playing an inmate. Obviously, I have that look about me that made the casting people say ‘Him, he looks like a master criminal, book him!’ I live in hope that the makers of the James Bond movies take a shine to me one day and cast me as ‘man stroking cat’ person.

That’s me done; you can go home now.

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