Tails For Wales Never Fails

If you’re not a football or rugby fan or just hate Wales, you can skip this paragraph. Sobbing into my hot lemon water as I recall for the countless times today how Wales were stuffed on Saturday by Denmark. I won’t ever eat their bacon again. They just couldn’t let it be at 2-0 could they. Just had to crack in two more goals to make sure the knife went in that little bit more. The match was in Amsterdam and because of travel restrictions, Welsh fans weren’t allowed to enter the country. That is the reason we lost! Well, that and we didn’t play all that good and Denmark played really well. So, rant over, just like the grey skies of Cardiff linger above . Onto the rugby.. Alun Wyn Jones didn’t help my day by getting injured in a friendly match against Japan and is sent home just before the Lions rugby tour. Then I didn’t win the lottery jackpot .All in all a shit Saturday.

It’s Monday now, and all the above is behind me. I have just spent thirty minutes haggling with Virgin media . I have managed to save £240. ” Do you know how long I have been a customer of yours?” That always wins them over. I have been with most of my service providers for over 20 years. OMG how fooking boring is that information for you? You expect much more from this blog and I should be filling it with something more juicy. I should have started this post with the fact that I ate a whole big roasted lamb leg on Saturday. I should have gone into detail about the dream I had about the the cast of ‘The Hobbit’, ‘The Inbetweeners’ and Sophie Ellis- Bextor. I’m getting hot under the collar thinking about it. Well, the day is still young ish , something else my happen that is more worthy than the drivel I have just written. I will fill you in tomorrow . Talking of filling in. I went to Band Q on Sunday. While I was browsing a guy in an orange uniform came up to me and asked me if I wanted decking. Lucky for me I got the first punch in.

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