Four Publishers Knocked on My Door Today Asking if I Had Any Stories They Could Print.

Obviously I told them where to go. ” I’m going to self-publish” I yelled as they fled down the garden path. I have decided to take the not easy route I mumbled to myself as I slammed the door and climbing over the mountain of unopened rejection letters.

So, none of that happened.. yet. You got that right? ‘We sure did I hear you say ,because we have read your work. Oh well, I am going to do it myself anyway. Just eighteen stories from a collection I did a few years ago. I am still going to try and flog my ‘Locked in The Pantry’ book to any publisher stupid enough to take me on though. So, a short post today just to say what I am up to and I can keep you up to date with how I get along. I wonder how long it can take.

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