Soaked through to the skin.

Met office and BBC weather can it so fookin wrong again. I arrived at the library two stone heavier with rain. The security guard at the desk suggested the blow drier in the toilets .Thanks to Covid ( something good had to come out of this pandemic ) The loos are one person only at a time. Sorry to all the the people waiting to have a wee while I stood there for half an hour drying my shoes socks and trousers, but my need was greater.

Might as well stick in what happened last night here as well.

I belong to a wring group. I will divulge more in time as I want to big them up with a special post. I normally read out my stories when we meet to get feedback; as we all do on all of our work. Since Covid we have met via zoom. As I have been busy with developing this site just for you, I haven’t been writing as much as I usually do and not reading anything out. Last night shortly before the session began, I came up with the worst bit of writing ever. Glad to say though that it went down a treat and got some laughs and we all had a good chuckle at my expense. It is on my poem page but here it is again

Its called ‘May’

Sunshine, sunshine, rain, rain,

sunshine ,sunshine, rain, rain.

Sunshine , rain , rain, rain,

sunshine, rain, rain, rain.

Rain , rain, rain, rain,

rain, rain, rain, rain.


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