A Bright Red Ball Appears in The Sky and Warms Cardiff.

What is this? No rain, wind , sleet or snow in the last week of May, how can this be? Officially the wettest most gloomy May in the UK since records began; I would have liked to have been there when whoever it was said ‘ let us make records of the weather. So when is pisses down continuously in May 2021 they will have something to compare to how nice it use to be’.

Anyway, the sun is out at last and we have been told that it will remain this way for two weeks. Bollox! Heard it all before. I go out with sunscreen lotion and an umbrella just in case. It has been a good week and a productive one. Slowly getting to learn more about putting this site together. I have ‘ embedded ‘ a capture ..yeah baby. So you have to click on 1000,000 hydrants in a photo before you subscribe to my updates.

Went to the Riverside outdoor market today. People on paddle boards floating themselves down the river Taff to Cardiff Bay. Here is a clip of the market and see how happy people are not to be soaked through to the skin. The Taff runs along side the Cardiff Millennium Stadium .

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