Party time.

Saturday 22 May 2021

Hung around Roath farmers market for a while. Not loitering in the hope of meeting a farmer though. Getting into organic fruit and veg at the moment. I thought it was all bit of a con. Although paying more than what you would at a supermarket, it it sooooo much tastier. Best way to describe the difference in most of the things I have had I would say there is less bitterness and water if that makes sense. The bananas are so much more flavorsome , everything tastes better. There are organic meat stalls ( they aren’t made of meat because they would fall down. Unless they use the bones I suppose. I have a weird picture in my mind as I am typing this),I digress. Yes, so , all kinds of home made produce. And ( staring a sentence with ‘and’ is ok these days ) the best thing you can get there which you will not find in your supermarket is the friendliness and sense of community . It’s such a joy to shop and chat there. There are a few around Cardiff and growing all the time.

Anyway, the party, one chap which runs one of the markets was having a birthday party in Pontcanna mews ( They have a food stalls ect there every Saturday. He kindly accepted my offer of inviting myself. Thanks Keith and Caroline. My son and his partner along with their friends provided the music for the night. All very talented musicians .They just jammed the night away. I also had a bit of a session on the keyboards. When I finished a few tunes the audience cried out ‘More, more, no more’. Apparently I was rather the worse for red wine and I was put in a taxi home. When I awoke my clothes had been hung up in the wardrobe but I couldn’t remember doing it. Strange. Great day and evening.

Here is a link to the organic fruit and veg stall.

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