A New Flash Fiction Story. Caught Cheating.

I am going to blog post my new stories as well as stick them on my story page.( Note the strong manly tones of that statement ).

Caught Cheating

David had been skipping his lunch at work. He would be so hungry by dinner time that he could stomach the meals that his wife of two years had cooked for him.

“Again, darling you have surpassed yourself. Not many people can come up with different pasta dishes a month in a row. I still say that the whole idea of bulk buying spaghetti and stuff was for emergencies, not using it up”

“I don’t care what you think David, in fact you can go fuck yourself. I have just discovered that you have been cheating on me…again!”  

David pushed around the last slab of undercooked lasagne on his plate avoiding eye contact. The game was up. He had promised to be faithful yet had been selfish with the desire to satisfy his own needs. Her detective skills were far superior to any she had in the kitchen.

“I trusted you, you said we were going to come out of this lockdown stronger”

David distinctively remembered saying that they would come out of this fatter. Then without his brain’s permission his mouth went into overdrive he actually rose he voice. He went on for a good two minutes.

“And to top it all, if it wasn’t for the fact that my bowls are clogged up with Penne, Ravioli, Linguine, Rigatoni and tagliatelle I wouldn’t have to be using more than ten sheets per shit. If that’s cheating, then I’m guilty as charged.

Emily’s eyes opened almost as much as her mouth.

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