Accused of Bad Writing and Acting.

Here I am again back in prison. I was let out for 3 days only to be caught for grammar and bad spelling infringements and dragged back kicking and screaming. They have put me in a cell with people who have got tens of thousands of followers on their blogs. People who never have to use a grammar check and know how to spell broccollii. I’m here till I get my act together and make the content of my posts more engaging.

In reality though, I was back on the set of the new TV series directed by Stephen Merchant. Filming in Shepton Mallet prison again. I can’t go into mush detail as it hasn’t been released yet, unlike me.

The photos I have put up are of me and some of the actors playing prison guards. Nothing to do with the show just taking random shots in the green room. I truly lovely bunch of guys. I hope to meet them on another production on day. And…saying that, I have just had a message from the casting company to ask if I’m available to film for a new drama next week and guess what…back in Shepton Mallet. How weird

Luckily enough I had some time on my hands to visit the city of Wells while I was down in that in Somerset. Gob smackingly beautiful. The oldest and only remaining medieval street in the UK, an amazing cathedral and such a fantastic oldy worldy feel about it.

Ok. Right, here’s the thing. I have been so wrapped up recently in getting some more stories published that I have neglected my website. The food, the travel and other stuff are feeling left out. I didn’t realise this would be a full-time job and I’m not complaining, I love this, I just have to spread myself out a bit more. The idea was to get more stories in print on various platforms so I could up my profile which would increase the chance of a publisher taking my book on. I have had about ten rejections and one acceptance from Abergavenny small press, here’s the link. It’s a story from my book. I’m going to leave off the magazine submissions for a while I’m give some tender caresses to cardiffstoryweaver.

Here are some more pics of Wells.

In the Cathedral

Medieval street in Wells

The gardens of the Catherdral

Ta ta for now.

( yeah, see what I mean? I’ve gone AWOL on the real reason why I am here) Things will get tastier on my blog as time goes by.

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