News Flash!

I am getting somewhere. Yes, you heard it here first. Check out my Recipes page. I learnt how to put anchor links in. My back is sore from all the patting I’m giving it. Only one recipe up and a dodgy one at that, but it has legs. Legs run in my family so its all good. You will see there in a Cardiff food link there. I’m going to work on some dishes that will put the capital on the food map of the world. I’m laughing at myself here, but it’s an idea I have to try out. If you have any recipes, you’d like me to share on here, please get in touch.

Had an amazingly crap weekend. My phone didn’t want to charge, and I couldn’t do my promised slot at the food stall as it was needed to link to a card reader so people could pay. The card reader wasn’t there either and my son’s phone dies as well. It poured with rain on and off and I accomplished nothing. Happy that England did well in the Euro football play offs. Wish it was Wales though. Sunday did bugger all. It rained all day, and I did not achieve anything. I so hate a day to go by without doing something productive or fruitful. Being alive is the only thing I managed and for that I really mustn’t complain about anything. Apart from fookin rain though. What shit weather we are having.

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