Be in a Feature Film or Run a Market Stall?

Friday, the day before my first stint at my son’s and his partners organic fruit and veg store at Roath farmer’s market in Cardiff. They are relying on me and couldn’t let them down. A text from a casting company asking me if I am available on Saturday for a fitting for a part in a new feature film they are shooting in Warwickshire, then on set on Monday. Dilemma city. My chance of the big time, fame and fortune, fast cars and boats, mingling with the stars. I reply saying I can’t do the fitting but can be on set Monday. They said OK, we can fit you in the Monday morning. Saturday afternoon I hear that they don’t require me now. Yeah, OK , it was just to be an extra in a film called ‘The Fighter’. Hang around all day for a bit part which would probably get cut. See, my glass is always half full, Mr Positive. I was in ‘His Dark Materials’, earlier this year. Was a double for a famous actor, On set for 2 days. Chauffer car from my cabin to the film stage. Got a big bunch of money for standing still. When it was aired on the BBC, I timed how long I was on the screen. 3 seconds, 3 fooking seconds. Anyway, the market went well apart from my gifting a lot of organic vine cherry tomatoes to other stall holders. Told off by my son. An apple or orange is fine, but not what I was giving away as they are mega expensive. England lost the Euro final cup against Italy on penalties. Gutted for them. I would have been broken hearted had it been Wales. Found camcorder tapes with tonnes of footage of Lloyd and I and our various trips around Europe in the car. When he had a school holiday we would have an amazing road trips to anywhere we liked. I am going to post clips of them with stories soon. Adjudication of a Cardiff Writers Circle competition tonight. Threw one of my old stories at it. It’s pretty rubbish so I don’t expect to get anywhere but the feedback is always useful. This site has momentarily stolen some of my precious writing time, next competition I will write something new. Oh, actually I have…next week we have our own inhouse 400 word one, I have written something for that. I think it’s rather funny. I shall post it next week. I have blabbed on far too long today, I have to get learning Search Engine Optimization for this website. I still cant believe I’m enjoying working on it.

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