Here’s Me Live on the Pyramid Stage in Glastonbury.

Yes folks, you heard it here first. I finally made the big time. Filming in Shepton Mallet for a new TV show…read below…

As I have been sworn to secrecy for the major part of the following adventure, I can’t reveal all. You’ll see why shortly

I have been in prison. I went in on Monday and released the same day. I have to go back in on Friday.

What the f.. k has this got to do with Glastonbury you ask? Whoa! Keep your hair in and hold your horses. I’m luring you into a bit of gold blog stuff here, you won’t be able to take in everything at once without fainting. The headline is correct, being in prison is also, as is filming in Shepton mallet. You historians here or ex jailbirds will have an inkling of what this is leading to.

Let me take you back to last week and all will become clear.

I get call from a casting agency to be in a new TV show due to be released later this year I believe. I have to get an express covid test in Cardiff to be able to film on set on the following Monday. I’m given the all clear and toddle off to Glastonbury festival car park the night before. I chose to go sleep in my car on site rather than get up at 5 am to be there at my call time which was 7.30 am. The car park was being used as the hub of catering vans, trailers for artists make up and costume etc. Minibuses would take us to location from there.

Just over the ridge of the carpark is the Skeleton of the pyramid stage used as the main showcase of many a famous singer or group over the years of the festival. I manged to clamber up on to it and imagine the sea of people singing along to one of my songs (I have written one; about ten years ago so I would have to play that over and over until the crowds booed me off)

The night was a truly spectacular one. Just me and a security guard had the place to ourselves. I came prepared with grub and a bottle of wine. As the night drew in the stars came out. Not a squint of light pollution to be seen. My laptop and phone stayed in the car as I watched the skies till it was time for bed. I hadn’t had such a good night sleep for a long time. My alarm went off at 7.15 am and I peeked out of the car window (they are blacked out so no one can see in) The place was full of cars and even more movie trailers. Lots of people wandering round eating full English breakfasts from plastic trays. I checked in with the production people and was shown the way to the catering van.

After being fitted out with our costumes (prisoners), there we go, didn’t see that coming did you…all making sense now? I along with a gaggle of other extras were bustled into our buses and taken to Shepton mallet prison ( used as a visitor center these days  )to take part in the series two of the new black comedy ‘Offenders’, directed and one of the stars, Steve Merchant. The other actors on this production are truly a list, even a Hollywood Oscar nominated one. They haven’t released series one yet so don’t expect to see me doing my bit for some time. I had a great experience with other actors on the set and some great things happened. I have been called back again tomorrow so will leave the story there and carry-on next week.

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