If You’re Fond of Sand-dunes and Salty Air…

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This is just a diary entry for me really which I am sharing.

Recipe for fun, beach and getting lost pie.

Thursday 15th July. Roast a leg of lamb infused with organic homegrown thyme, rosemary and garlic for the BBQ on Saturday. Make a big pot of curry base sauce for my return on Monday.

Friday. 30 degrees. Drive down to Devon. Get to Sidmouth, say OMG this place is beautiful. Jump into beautiful sea. Repeat 5 times. Cone of chips for £1. Drive another 15 minutes to camp site to meet up with my brothers and sisters and their children. Chill around totally unneeded campfire. Drink wine, nibble and laugh.

Saturday. Drive around for what seemed like hours looking for a suitable beach. Get lost. Sat nav with a 10 second delay meaning lots of u turns. 30 degrees yet I was amazingly cool and collected throughout. Great day on the beach, swimming and looking for sea life in the rockpools. Back to camp. BBQ, lots of grub and more wine. Re heat my leg of lamb.

Sunday. Back to the beach I went to on Friday but with everyone this time. Quaint village walk about, ice creams, swims and jumping off pier into the sea. Back to camp. Then pub for dinner. I am suffering from a splash of sunstroke and decide to stay another night with some others who also did the same.

Monday. Found a beautiful peaceful spot near a river which had a swing tied to a tree. The kids loved jumping off it into the murky waters. We all went for a sim in it though. Electric blue dragon fly coming to rest on my hand. Pack up drive home. Get back just in time for the final meeting of the Cardiff Writers Circle of the summer. Entered a competition with a story I knocked up a few days before just so that I could put something forward. Can’t believe that I won, especially with the talent I was up against. There are some amazing writers in our group, I was very humbled indeed. I will post the story this week. Sorry that this is so boring. I just wanted to keep this blog up to date.

Its Wednesday now, still 30 degrees. Just me in the library. Its 3.30 pm and I am toying with the idea of getting out of here.

I have just re read the above crap and have challenged myself to turn it on it’s hear and write it again as if it were a travel blog. No one in the world is going to be enticed to going to Devon by the shit I have just written.

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