Is It Really as Simple as Just stepping Out of You Mind Now and Then?

I like to think that being able to see my thoughts as just thoughts have got me through the last 48 hours with relative ease. They were just admin days, things that I don’t really have to do. I think some people call it work. Real life stuff annoys me and sometimes, although it’s getting less and less, I let the littlest things get to me. Then I wind myself up by seeing that I am wound up. I didn’t allow myself to step back and breath during stressful moments. That’s how busy I was. Throw me a deadline for a story and I am like a pig in shit. Just writing this is such a joy. Insurance companies, banks, bills, cookers, clanky car, mobile phones being laggy (is that a word?) have a knack of pissing me off. Sometimes taking a few moments out to look around at this amazing world we live takes all unnecessary stress away. Don’t take these moments in a clanky car with a broken cooker in the back though. Get out of your car (not at the lights), step outside your office, house etc and just spend a wee few minutes just looking around. Plants, trees, the sky and even clunky cars. Those few moments over a period of time re wires your brain and eventually your busy mind gets to enjoy them. I can go for a long time now with having no thoughts whatsoever, yes, I would have had a bottle of wine, but it works. Just kidding there folks!

As I type I am live in a Webinar. An online two hour talk on SEO (search engine optimisation) How to make this website more friendly and easier to happen upon. It’s very useful. So useful that I am writing this. Its going to fast and a lot of it is going over my head. I will wait till they download it and watch it at my own pace. I went away last weekend and on Saturday night was in the garden of my brother’s house till 4,30am with my son, Lloyd and the usual companions of my family who have stamina. Sunday was a nightmare. Hangover from hell. Lloyd, my sister and me went for an extended walk in the nearby forest and got lost. So, if you have got this far with this post, well done. You amaze me.

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