I Nearly Threw Away My Prize.

I can’t remember what happened on Friday, but I do recall something good did and I got a bit of writing done. Have I already posted something about that? I can’t be arsed to look right now to check and as I’m the only one reading theses blogs at present, I don’t care. When I go virus or viral or whatever it is, you can go over all these millions of posts which I wrote when I was a ‘no one’ and think, oh bless him, he used to be such an arse.

Saturday. Looked at the chorus around the house I should do and promptly left to seek adventure which again, just happened to come my way.

So, the postman delivered what I thought was marketing ploy. An envelope with a blank gift card and nothing else. It was handwritten and had my name and half my surname. It was sealed with Sellotape. It looked like those cards you get advertising lots of shops you could use it in if you put money on it for someone. I was going to bin it, but I thought, if they are sending thousands of these out in some marketing campaign, how much are they paying someone to handwrite and seal all these bloody envelops. I put it in my pocket and while I was in town I could see if there was any money on it. Not belong before I arrived at Roath market to see my son Lloyd, it dawned on me what it was. It was my prize for embarrassingly winning the Cardiff Writers Circle https://www.facebook.com/cardiffwriterscircle/ humorous short story competition. Why was there no note in it? In the market I showed my son and told him the story and how proud he should be of his dad who can’t put 1 and 1 together sometimes. Why on earth did it not just dawn on me? Anyway, as I went to throw the envelope in the bin, I had another look inside and tucked flat against the side of it and there it was, ‘Congratulations on coming 1st blah blah note from Jeff our treasurer. What a numpty I am.

Went around the 130 stores it listed on the card to see if I needed anything or just treat myself and I came back empty handed. Perhaps a book called ‘being able to spot the bleeding obvious’ would be a good investment. What happened next dear reader (me) will astound you. I kid you not. A chance meeting in a park which has made me rethink a few things. I shall fill you in tomorrow.

Oh, and the photo is of me in Bute Park watching a cricket match (can’t stand the sport). I sat there for a while to see what I didn’t like about it. Everything! Moments after this picture was taken, it happened. Watch this space.

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