Where do I Get Inspiration?

think outside of the box

Whenever I have an idea for a new story, I text message it to myself.  I have a few months’ worth. I’m in the Uni law library on a balmy Cardiff Saturday afternoon transferring them on to a PC.  I also take notes of snippets of conversations I hear when I’m out and about for story fodder.  Some are …

” They’re not designed to eat children.” A Mother to child about Geese at Roath Park Lake.

Another mother, albeit an irate one, to an older daughter.

” I can’t say for definite because I can’t control everything in the world.”

In town recently a woman a woman taking to her friend about rowdy youths.

” It’s always the ones without shirts on”. The list goes on. The main reason for this post is I also jot quotes down. As I type them in there is one that sticks out more than any other and I thought it sums things up.

I love this.

” If you live an ordinary life all you’ll have is ordinary tales.”

And in second place it’s…

Take a break from worrying about stuff you can’t control.

The end.

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