Digging up your Wife.

gray stone on brown soil

Well, what a false start to the new year this has been. Something bugged me deeply for a few days, my mind was showing so many scenarios of how the situation I was in would pan out.

I eventually took on board that the outcome would never be as bad as all the time I spent dwelling on it. Over analysing is a total waste of time and energy.

I have developed tools over years of mediation to blow these episodes out of the water. Sometimes they get under your radar and make life a bit poo poo for a few days.

 Funnily enough though the outcome was totally the opposite of what I thought, and I gained from it. I don’t want to go into detail, but things DO get better. Your body reacts to your thoughts sometimes and it thinks you’re in real danger and can’t differentiate form what is real or not.

 This gives you stress. When you step out of your mind and get back into the present you make it see that there really isn’t a tiger in the room. If you understand all that please explain it to me.

So, I’m a bouncy happy Chappy today even though its fookin freezing and there is no sunshine forecasted for at least a week. We are living in the dark ages, I still haven’t watched, read or heard any news for about 5 months now. I heard about prince Andrew and meatloaf but that’s about it.

So, two poems for you. Obviously, one reflected my mood and the other I have no idea where it came from. Bit spooky for me. I am getting back to writing fun stuff pronto.

Hope you’re all well.


We will have to dig her up.

We will have to dig her up,

There is no other way.

It was the key that she choked on not a bloody bone,

Bring your sharpest knife, were going to see your wife.


Your strength and spade are useless,

Your tears make you soft as the earth

Sit on her stone while I get to the coffin

Take out your knife, you’re going to open your wife.


You tremble like a shy volcano

Give me the damn thing

There, put in your hand and take out the key.

Good, now I must take your life and you will lye beside your wife.

Just a thought

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I take a seat in the theatre such is my mind,

watching is far more productive than taking part.

I sit back and marvel at the thoughts as they play out.

It’s always me in the leading role,

I play it so well,

but know it’s just pretend.

The curtain rises.


“What else do you have?”

                                     “I have dark days and black clouds ahead.”

“Seen them before.”

                                     “I have pictures of you growing old alone and much more.”

“Come on, Something juicier.”

                                     “Look, here you are in jail for not paying your bills.”

“That’s such an old one.”

                                     “How about this? Out cold on the bathroom floor, overdosed on pills

“I can see it, but it says vitamins on the bottle.”

                                      “Here you are on a life support machine.”

“You’re scraping the barrel.”

                                      “Your partner has left you for your best friend.”

“I can only wish.”

                                      “Oh! I didn’t know.”

“None of your business but do carry on.”

                                      “That’s all I have for the moment.”

“Good. May I ask you a question.”


“You’ve stopped using rhyming words.”


“Where do you dig up such images?”

                                     “From you. I just jazz them up a bit.”

“You have projected the same scenes for years.”

                                     “I do my best.”

“None of them ever transpire.”

                                     “What can I say?”

“You’re weak when I see you for what you really are.”

                                      “Yeah, you got me sussed.”

“You’ll be back tomorrow no doubt.”

                                       “I’ll try.”

“That’s fine. You’re welcome anytime.”

                                      “Use to be fun when you took me seriously.”

“I take it that you’re done now.”



The curtain falls and I go back to sleep.

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