The last place i will ever sit.

Flash Fiction very short story that will make you go Hmmmmm

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The sun peeped out from behind a dark cloud and felt my face.

I think it knew.

It found something shiney for me on a park bench and reflected itself into my eyes.

Compelled to see what it was, I left the puddles and comfort of the path and hobbled  to the flickering light.

I trod cautiously bending the rich upright grass into the freshly sodden earth with my thread bare shoes.

Wedged into the wooden slats were buttons from what looked like an old tape recorder and a folded piece of paper.

Nudging off the droplets of rain with the back of my contorted leathery hand, I crumpled myself onto the last place I would ever sit.

 I clawed out a switch.

I didn’t know how to read yet for some reason understood the word.


The note was dry and warm, yet the rain still penetrated the skies and found its way down the back of my neck.

I read again.

‘Press me’.

My left hand cradled the button, and my right thumb indented it into my palm.


The End

Should there be more buttons? Rewind, forward and stop. Looking at his past and future.

Pausing what he sees , eventually pressing the stop button? Or just leave it there and ask yourself the questions?


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