Baked Bean Tin Deep Cut, Cinema in The Park and Father’s Day.

The post title sums up my weekend.

There are a few video clips to go with this post at the bottom.

It started on Thursday evening (the start of the weekend for me). I am fond of a tin of baked beans now and then. Always cold and always from the tin with a spoon. Sometimes I will dollop in some mustard or salad cream or both. It is seriously yum. Not a fan of the high brand beans as they seem to be a bit mushy. The mid-range priced ones with a pull ring are my favourite (you can see where this is going right?) They have a more le dente bite to them. Anyway, my local shop was out of those but did have the cheapy stuff, with no pull ring. As you have guessed from the title, yeah, bloody took a nasty gash to my knuckle which released a torrent of red sauce of its own without the beans. I could almost see the bone. There you go, a random fact with a moral there somewhere. You’re welcome.

Bute parkin the centre of Cardiff had a 2-day outdoor cinema and food experience. Food and cinema fest they called it. I do admire the council for these kinds of events. The only time I admire them let me tell you. They put on some popular family films from a time gone by on a large screen, threw in a few ‘gourmet food vans and surrounded it with a fence. Didn’t stop me from watching a bit of Jurassic Park for free from a nice vantage point on a stone bridge by the castle. I was entertained at the same time by a young chap using just a fishing line and a lure (no rod or bait) trying to catch a fish in the river which he successfully did. I talked to him at length after and he was a homeless guy living in a tent at beneath the castle wall in the undergrowth so he couldn’t be seen He fished for a bit of excitement to bump up what was normally a very boring day. He told me his story in brief and left. He was gutsy and I could see him getting out of the rut he was in. I helped him out and we parted ways. I will hopefully bump into him again one day.

On Saturday I helped my son and partner out on their organic fruit and veg store at an outdoor market. I will go into this with a story on it so wont go into much detail now.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. There was also a very important football match on in the Euros. Wales v Italy. Italy beat us 1-0 but because of the results of other teams in our table, we are through to the final 16. Good news indeed.

Pinnacle time of the day was spending it with my son Lloyd. He isn’t a football fan but was more than happy for us to spend some time together in a very old pub in the high street called ‘The Blue Bell’. A few pints and then for a delicious burger at the ‘Honest Burger’ restaurant in town. Apart from some amazing cheeses, he bought me a bottle of cider made with my favourite ‘discovery’ apples. They only come out in September and the window for buying them is just 3 weeks. I am looking forward to it this evening while I join the weekly Zoom session of the Cardiff Writers Circle. I will do a piece on this group soon.

A great weekend and a fookin long blog post sorry. Well done for getting this far and staying awake.

As a gift, an extra video of some drunken students in sailor uniforms having fun on the river Taff by Bute Park.

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