A Calm and Quiet Mind and a Jab

So, today I had my second jab. I am fully vaccinated against covid 19 or fully infected with a microchip and am fully owned by Bill Gates (will he put me in his will though?). Didn’t feel a thing but I do hope it’s a road to freedom and travel for us all.

Didn’t do squidely shit on Tuesday or yesterday. Took a break from this site as I had let it take over me. Not complaining but I was spending far too much time on it. I wanted to come back with some fresh eyes and boy did that happen.

I was worn on a tad mentally and physically yesterday and my body told me to chill out which I did. I drove to the Wenallt woods at the top of Cardiff. The view from up there is absolutely stunning. I took a video for you.

The main purpose for my visit was to meditate, visit my mother’s tree and let things just be and wow did I get just that. It was beautifully very warm sunny day. I found a spot in the woods where the sun shone through the trees and lit up the ground where I places my meditation stool. I would have liked to have said that that happened as soon as I arrived, that would have been cool.

With a cushion under my bum and one on my lap I went to work on doing and thinking ABBOULTLY nothing for an hour. The birds were tweeting and with only a very distant hum of a road in the background I went into the here and now (or is that the then). I went into the then yesterday. That has made me laugh out loud in the library from where I type this. Anyway, to feel totally in the present and have an empty mind for such a long period of time was fookin awesome, especially with the sun warming my face and the totally lack of busyness.

Then I went home to watch Wales stuff Turkey in the Euros football tournament which rounded off the day nicely.

Folk, really, it is never too late to start meditating, even if you don’t have much free time. Giving yourself permission to relax and be present on purpose as much as you can is a gift you can bestow on yourself every day. In time the length of time you can enter into having a calm and quiet mind gets longer and longer. Have a look at some of the audio links I am about to put up on my mind blog page.

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