Wishing For Another Lock Down (Just for a Week)

So, all you followers (sixteen of you) have probably not been wondering where I have been for the last week. I did mention it in a previous post but as only one of you (me) really cares I will remind you.

I have been the very capable hands of some amazing people at the Hurt writing retreat in Shropshire https://www.arvon.org/centres/the-hurst/.  OMG…really where do I start on everything I experienced and the emotions I felt, the stuff I learnt and what I was told not to learn. I can see this blog waffling on for ages so I will drip feed this over the next few posts.

I made lots of lovely people who I hope to stay in touch with. Writers who put my work to shame but did laugh at some of the stories I read out. That’s how bad my writing is, people can’t help but to fall in to fits of giggles. I’m staring at my screen here and my mind keeps throwing out so many vivid memories of the 5 days I had. I have decided to write a short story on it that way it will be much clearer.

I went in not thinking I was a writer. I would always shy away from calling myself one. The feedback I got from my peers whose work was gob stoppingly fantastic made me think that I had something after all. Even from the visiting teachers Catalin Davi  https://www.caitlindavies.co.uk/about/ and Jacob Ross https://www.peepaltreepress.com/authors/jacob-ross had good things to say about my humble scribblings. Oh how I wished it would snow so heavy that we couldn’t leave or there was another lockdown for just a few more days.

I hope that people who follow me get that all I want to do is make people laugh as mush at my stories as I do when writing them. Job done. Happy ever after. I am now hell bent on getting my book out there thanks to all you guys at the Hurst.

Here are some photos .

Ill try and get the Hurst story to you soon.


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