What a Difference a Day Makes.


Wow! It is truly amazing how a mood can swing from one extreme from another. I am in the uni Science library as I type this after an amazing morning. A long meditation and visit to the park then to Riverside market where I met some very nice people. Have set up an interview with a team creating a film about small businesses in Cardiff. They like the idea of my book and this website. Perhaps I can get another person apart from you to read this. Again, will update this post to interlink with yesterday’s when I launch. Juicy and helpful reading. I think I am stalling a bit here. I am sure it is because I am a tad reluctant to share everything. I will though. Just getting braver and braver by the day. Hopefully, even if just one person benefits from what I say and how I have dealt with it and what tools I used, it will be worth it. So yesterday and today are just Mood posts.

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