I’m Cold in Casualty.

Yes, dear reader. It is true. I found myself in Casualty yesterday, I was left out in the cold and made to hang around for ages. Worst thing was I was dressed for the spring and wasn’t allowed to put anything warm on.

The morse astute of you may have already guessed finally got an extra part in the hit BBC series ‘Casualty’s in the fictional Holby city hospital.

I was man coming out of house hobbling out of shot waiting 40 seconds and returning to house. I had made it look like I had been to the shop. Therefore, I deduced that the pretend shop was literally across the road, and I went in for something small enough to put in my pocket as I had no prop. I also took it that I couldn’t have been a chatty person and have a natter with the shopkeeper as by the time I had crossed the road and back I would have had to been in there for 20 seconds. Anyway, the boffins at the BBC must know what they are doing. I have never seen the show and don’t intend to. Not my cup of tea. I will say though that again I met some very nice people both cast and crew. I was gob smacked that I had to pay for my cooked breakfast. I guess that free catering is only supplied when you’re on a film site or the BBC are super stingy. I gave my everything as I came out of the house and went back in. Lawrence Olivia couldn’t have done better. It will be forever after be known in the Beeb as a soap classic. You could see it in my eyes that I wanted to go to the shop and return within 40 seconds as if my life depended on it.

There you go. That is a light snack of what I have done so far this week.

I will fill you in on more soon.

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