Being Baptized in the River Taff and New Apples.

Oh, my days! I haven’t posted for a week. I will make it up to you by sitting on the naughty stair when I get home. I have been up to rather a lot though. Well, things happening in my life that are worth a mention I should say. Let’s start with Sunday. I got up at 8.46 am, stretched then went to the toilet for a wee which took 26 seconds. I washed my hands (which reminds me, I must get some more apple smelling lotion in, they do a great one in Aldi for £1.29). I dried my hands and looked at myself in the mirror to check if I was still here. I could stretch this post to 600 pages. Should that last sentence be in brackets? (I don’t know).

Fast forward. I went down to Cardiff Bay. Beautiful day. From the barrage, I looked back on the city and the hills beyond. What a fantastic scene it was. Truly blessed to live in such a wonderful place. The green slopes of the headlands cupping the Capital then flattening out into the sea. I had popped to Riverside market by the principality stadium on the way to the bay and picked up some apples. Not any old apples (I’m going to be using the word apple a lot here I think). Noooo, these were the best apples you could ever imagine. Pink ladys would don’t even compare. I bought 2 varieties from a lovely woman who picks them from her own orchard. I bought a variety called ‘Discovery last year and loved them. Went back a few weeks later only to be told that they only come out mid-august and for just 3 weeks. Gutted. I couldn’t wait for their return. I bought a kilo this week and saw she had some called Rosettes. She gave me a taste. Oh, my goodness me! Like …wow. These are even better than Discoverys, which have a subtle strawberry taste. The Rosettes have a strong raspberry flavour and are red or red and white inside. You can see it in the photo. Just delicious. Again, unfortunately these too are only available for a short time. Ok. end of that story.

Later that afternoon I found myself at the Black Weir bridge by the river Taff. I sat along side the water and just chilled for a while, I was meditating and taking in the sounds around me when all of a sudden, I hear people clapping about 20 meters behind me. I turned around and saw a large group of what I think were Malaysians and one chap talking loudly about what this young woman was about to do. I took it that he was some sort of priest, only because he was the one who dunked her in the water. You can see all this in the video.

I must start keeping a diary again as a lot of things happened and I form the time being, forgotten.

I had a call from a casting agency offering me a small extra part in a BBC TV series called ‘Industry’. Never heard of it before. Went on set this morning to get a covid test (which I will get a nice wad of dosh for) 5 minutes I was there. Filming is tomorrow. I will let you know what they have me do. Last time I did this was 2019 when I was a stand in double for an actor on His Dark Materials’. Again, got paid silly money for two days on set, my own caravan thingy and a chauffer to drive me to the stage (a 3-minute walk) and in the end you caught a glimpse of the back of my head. Blink and you would have missed me. Oddly enough, when I told Lloyd about filming this week, he said he met the director a few weeks ago. She gets her organic fruit and veg from the stall in Pontacanna market. I will take her Rosettes apple tomorrow and bribe her into getting me work, hopefully Hollywood.

That’s it. You can go now.

Oh yes, one more thing. I am booked onto a writers retreat in November to learn how to home in on this writing malarkey. About bloody time I hear you cry.

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