Barrybados ( Barry Island ) Heatwave Conspiracy Theory.

7th of September 2021

The weather forecasters (The BBC and Met Office) have been teasing us all through the summer that we will have heatwaves lasting weeks. They didn’t arrive. Well, we had 5 days of sun towards the end of July and 3 days last weekend. Does the government get around a table and have weather meetings? Let’s tell all the worker bees (us) that the sun is going to shine, and the summer will be great. They will feel good and be happier and forget about covid.

 They will work harder and spend money on swim wear. When the scorchers don’t materialize, we will say ‘woops, got it a bit wrong, but there will be highs of 30c coming soon. That will lift their spirits again. We will blame the BBC for getting it all wrong and before you know it summer will be over. Throw in a few hot days in September and get them to start buying Christmas presents early.

I’m not implying that the government have control of the weather…yet. But how can they get things so wrong. Its all very strange. I’m far from being a conspiracy theorist but the guy in the chip shop who I believe is Elvis, got me thinking about all this.

Anyhoo, what a pants summer. On Tuesday it was very hot, too hot to be here in the library, so I took off and made haste to Barry Island Most schools had started back up the day before. Had they not, the photo I posted would have doubled in the amount of people there. It was a like being in another country with arcades and chip shops. It was such a beautiful sight. You got to love Barry Island.

 The sea was awash with paddlers and swimmers. It wasn’t long before I was in the sea, It wasn’t too cold and before long I was floating in the water looking up at the blue sunny sky. My ears were just under the water so all I could hear was the muffled sounds around me. I had my obligatory wee and paddled around for a few minutes. 

I bought a tray of chips and slowly made my way to the peninsular where I sat for an hour and watched the sea and ships. AT 6.30 pm I headed back along the beach. I waded through Lots of fresher students lashing up the Glamorgan early evening balmy heat. What a place to be at uni I thought. A beautiful place to study and a lovely coastline on the doorstep. The queue for the chip shop was a good 40 long as I left to drive home. Cracking day.

I have read this post over and find it tedious. I have a short time before they kick me out of the library and just wanted to let you know I am still alive.

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