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Before I do a rant. There is a new short story on my website called ‘School Report’.

I laughed a lot writing it. That’s what floats my boat as you know. It’s a humorous look at some feedback on a character’s yearly report to his parents which is destined never to be read.

Take a look at my bio link that will take you to my page.

It’s been a week or so since my last post. I have achieved something truly amazing and unintentionally. I have never felt more fit and healthy since I was a teen when I use to run everywhere. I didn’t realise in that stage of my life how important health is, both mentally and physically. Well, you don’t at that age because all you knew is that you will live forever. I will sound the trumpet when I have reached a certain goal in this ongoing achievement and let you all know.

The breaking news headline I use here is twofold. Yes, the above is hardly breaking for you the reader, but it is for me. The other news I refer to is that It’s been months now since I haven’t watched, read or listened to it. I have absolutely no idea what is going on in the world. Through word of mouth, I heard Prince Andrew has been a naughty boy and de robed. Is that the word? Secondly, I am aware that there is some stuff going on in Russia and Ukraine. I know it’s not good and, in my life, I have lived through many conflicts via the media, and it’s all passed. I am not going to involve myself in this one because I honestly do not trust the media. All news is negative, and I live in a positive mind. I pray that it is resolved (they nearly always are) soon and that the sorrow of all involved in minimal. That’s all I can do and say.

The weather here is really pissing me off. I don’t mind a bit of rain as long as there’s some sunshine around it. Constant dark cloudy days bum me out. It could be worse though; I could be watching the news as well. I have a choice there and I can always fly somewhere warmer and sunnier. As soon as I have finished this post, I am going to see what is available.

I have decided to self-publish one of my books which is a collection of unrelated humorous stories with a food twist each having a loosely related recipe to the story.

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