Met office 90% chance of rain. BBC weather 36%.

It is seriously chucking it down out there. I’m in the uni library and not feeling the love. I have spent a good part of my afternoon faffing about with the blog page set up. I wanted to have 2 blog pages. One for everyday stuff and one for MOOOOOOD stuff. Well, my faffing has brought me to the decision to incorporate both on here. It will copy itself onto my Power of Being Present page. I will separate the everyday meanderings and the Mood in a post by…wait for it…by putting the word’ Mood‘ in bold so split it up. That way, if you’re not bothered about the mental health blah blah stuff, it will be easy for you to skip. Totally overthought this but I am sure it will iron itself out in time. Let’s try.


This is where I put how I am feeling and more importantly, what I do about it if I am not 100%. I will put in some advice I have gathered over the years from various sources and tips on how to stop overthinking and getting dragged into the mire of the mind bully. Watch this space.

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