Just the Spot

Great find. In a suburb of Cardiff I have found a small wooded area where once you step into it you are taken into another world. All of a sudden the sound of cars in the distance and the busyness of life just melts away into bird song all around you. Like a switch of tranquility has been tuned on. I have found a place with a fallen tree to sit on and meditate. A great find and not one I am going to share. Mostly because it is MINE MINE MINE, and I don’t want to encourage any wanna be stalker who don’t like my stories to come looking for me.


It should be not a good one considering what came in the post today but I am very happy that it only bugged me a little.

If you live in a house of pain then joy pops in and leaves again. Live in a house of joy and annoying things knock on the door and leave again.

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