7.30 am phone rings. Woken from an amazing dream. Can’t go into detail. It’s Lloyd my son. Can I drive to the other side of Cardiff to take his organic veg supply to his stall at a famers market, he’s been let down by a man with a van. ” OK, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Load up, drive and unload. No point bin driving home and all the way back load up and take him back to his base so hung around. Last night I had decided to give up bread. Really hungry , Lloyd went and bought me a buffalo meat breakfast roll. OK. I’ll give up bread tomorrow. Pours with rain. water gets into my new trainers. My feet squelch . Before packing up he buys me the best tasting spring roll you can ever imagine from a Chinese noodle bar at the market. I went over to tell her amazing they were. She gives me two more more free which I ate. they are really big rolls by the way. I eat them and they sink into my belly and I think i had too much of a good thing. Pop over to an organic bakers and get given a free loaf of bread. I get given a big box of organic veg and toodle off. I am booked into the uni science library for 2pm for three hours. I get there at 3pm. Poring with rain my swipe card wont let me in. Ring library to tell them i am outside. Get to allotted space and there is someone sitting there. Its finally sorted. I sit her typing at 3.34 and ponder the rest of my day. Should I play the lottery?

Note. I use the Cardiff uni libraries as I have been a part-time student on and off for eight years and they keep renewing my library and PC access. So I use them as my main place to write. They have a great vibe. Being around others who are researching and studying inspires me to get stuff done. An open plan office with a lush hush to it that I can leave anytime I want.

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